Early Funding for Category Defining Startups

Company Updates


Ben McCann

Ben was the Co-founder and CTO of Connectifier. Ben holds an MBA and B.S Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon.

Erik Buchanan

Erik was the VP of Eng at Connectifier and Head of Talent Relevance at LinkedIn. He's now a founder at Ogmagod.


We invest early. Whether it's angel, pre-seed, or seed we're usually some of the first money in.

We invest across industries. We've invested in spaces as varied as enterprise SaaS, healthcare, space tech, green energy, autonomous transportation, and consumer.

We're located in Mountain View and San Francisco, but have invested in companies from across the US and internationally.

One of us will meet with the founder. We'll then discuss amongst ourselves and get back to you quickly with a decision or any follow up questions. We're founders ourselves and place a high value on moving quickly, so you can focus on building the company.

As a group, we most often invest between $100k - $500k. We have invested more or less than that amount in some cases.

We enjoy helping where we can. How we can be most helpful depends on the company.

We built a successful company selling recruiting software, so we can help with hiring advice. We built multiple products that have gone viral and worked at Google on Ads and Analytics, so can help with growth and customer acquisition. We built an AI company and led Hiring Relevance at LinkedIn, so can help with machine learning. We've helped founders with interviewing, sales, legal, and fundraising. Just let us know what you need most and we'll tell you what we can offer.

We seek diverse outside opinions when making investment decisions and don't limit our area of focus. As a result, we've invested in founding teams with crazy sounding ideas from across the world — about a quarter of the teams we've invested in are from outside the US. We're proud to work with great founders from all backgrounds to serve as role models for the next generation and offer our assistance in making sure those founders succeed — about half of the companies we've invested in were started by a female or BIPOC founder.